Community Orgs

Here are links to community organizations i’m involved with who are doing amazing things to empower our people:

Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP)

NAAP is a non-partisan, volunteer based organization dedicated to the development of a prosperous and influential Arab-American community connected through a national network.

Their mission is to connect, organize and empower the Arab-American community by channeling the interests and passions of members through social, cultural, professional, political and service initiatives. Follow on Facebook.


Formed in early 2002, the New York chapter of NAAP serves the NYC and Northern NJ areas. With a membership in the thousands the chapter supports the national mission to  connect, organize and empower the Arab-American community.


National Alliance for Syria (NAFS)
National Alliance for Syria (NAFS)

NAFS is a network of Syrian activists, community groups, organizations all dedicated to the creation and development of a democratic Syria; free from the Assad regime, sectarian privileges – a nation to represent the people, equally.

Arab American Association of NY
Arab American Association of NY

AAA-NY‘s mission is to support and empower the Arab immigrant community by providing services to help them adjust to their new home and become active members of society. The aim is for families to achieve the ultimate goals of independence, productivity, and stability.

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