Support Syria

Everyone can play a role in supporting the Syrian people in their time of need. Everyone.

Syrian children
Syrian children give the victory sign at the “Olive Tree Camp”

There are many great humanitarian organizations to donate to – actually too many to count, from secular to faith-based charities.

Here are a few US-based non-profits I’ve had positive experiences with that are doing really good work.

Consider a donation – it is making a difference.

Karam Foundation:

Based out of Chicago and one of the few Syrian-American organizations established pre-revolution that could be trusted. They focused on innovative education efforts, sustainable development and ‘smart aid’.

Islamic Relief USA:

A well-established organization with an amazing track record of responding to emergency situations from Katrina to Somalia. They have focused many resources and attention to alleviate desperate conditions inside Syria, along with refugees in the surrounding countries in need.

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS):

SAMs mobilizes volunteer physicians to deliver direct medical care in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. Often risking life and limb, SAMs doctors have saved countless lives by providing direct medical care.

Maram Foundation:

Established in the Fall of 2012 to respond to the needs of internally displaced Syrians stuck on the Syrian-side of the Turkish border. They established the largest refugee/ internally displaced camp (Olive Tree Camp) in “Liberated” Syria and have now focused efforts to provide support to thousands of Syrians in border towns in Turkey. I’ve written extensively about my experiences in the “Olive Tree Camp” here, here and here.

Please note: I am not on the board, or in the leadership of any of these organizations. I have however worked on campaigns and programs with all of them and have seen donations get to those in need. If you have any other suggestions of groups doing amazing work feel free to tweet them at me.

One thought on “Support Syria

  1. NuDay Syria, the White Helmets, Humanwire a platform that lets you ‘adopt’ a refugee family living in a camp abroad… those are more suggestions ! thanks for sharing 🙂


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