Sarab is a long-time Syrian-American community organizer and advocate. He is the founding  National President of the Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP), and is focused on empowering the Arab-American and Muslim community.  

As an outspoken community advocate, Sarab has also led various solidarity efforts with the Syrian revolution and has participated in dozens of initiatives for Syria in recent years, including political and humanitarian campaigns. For example, in late 2012, Sarab visited an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Syria to identify key humanitarian needs and to raise awareness in the U.S.

Sarab is called upon regularly for his perspective on Syria, and is regularly invited as a guest speaker for various universities, think-tanks, and NGOs.  He has appeared in the media on MSNBCCNNAl-Jazeera, and other news outlets, on issues relating to the Arab-Americans and Muslim-American community as well the unfolding developments in Syria.

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Detailed BIO:

Sarab is a recognized community leader with twenty years of experience building national networks aimed at empowering the Arab-American and Muslim community from the ground up.

He is the founding National President of NAAP and a key driver in strategic community development and capacity building efforts across the network. He is also co-founder of  NAAP’s New York chapter (NAAP-NY). As an active board member, he is heavily involved in coalition building and developing organizational relationships on both local and national levels.

Sarab also serves on the board of the Arab American Association of NY, a social service and advocacy organization in Brooklyn, NY which serves the growing immigrant community; he is active with the organization’s development efforts. In addition, he sits on the Advisory Boards of the National Network of Arab American Communities (NNAAC) and the Take on Hate national awareness campaign.

In solidarity with the Syrian Revolution, Sarab helped establish US-based networks of Syrian activists dedicated to the creation and development of a democratic Syria; free from sectarian privileges, a nation to represent the people, equally. He has initiated, organized and taken part in dozens of political, awareness and humanitarian initiatives for Syria.

Sarab is called upon regularly to speak at universities, think-tanks, and NGOs; and he appears regularly in the media (i.e. MSNBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera) on topics related to Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans in addition to providing much needed perspective and insight into unfolding developments in Syria.

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