Syria News

Sorry if we scream.I get asked all the time about sources of information on the Syrian Revolution. Here are a few links to start.


News and Stories

Enab BaladiEnab Baladi – in-depth reporting by a group of citizen journalists & activists from Daraya.

Syria Direct

Syria Direct – Reports & interview focused on military & political developments.

EA Worldview

EA Worldview – Analysis and video reports on day to day Syria developments.

Syrian ObserverSyrian Observer – Daily news aggregator including translations of Syrian opposition, regime outlets.

Syria DeeplySyria Deeply – News & story aggregator –Independent digital media project led by journalists and technologists.

Syria Freedom Forever – News, reports and perspectives from the revolutionary left in Syria.

Al-Jumhuriya (english & arabic ) – Group of Syrian writers and researchers “working to provide an intellectual production that contributes to the construction of the new Syria”.

Activist Networks: Reports, Updates & Videos

Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution – archive all the intellectual and artistic expressions in the age of revolution.

Liberated Kafranbel Facebook Page – from this small village in the Idlib province comes some of the most powerful protest banners reflecting the aspirations of the revolution.

Local Coordinating Committees (LCC)Local Coordinating Committees (LCCs) – Up-to-the minute news reports from activists on the ground inside Syria.

Syrian Revolution Facebook PageSyrian Revolution Facebook Page [Arabic only] – news, images and videos documenting every aspect of the revolution.

Syrian Days of Rage Facebook Page [English] – news, images and videos documenting every aspect of the revolution.

Shaam News Network (SNN)Shaam News Network (SNN) – one of the first activist networks sharing videos from activists inside Syria.

Lens of FreedomLens of Freedom: Activist photographers dedicated towards capturing the essence of the struggle. One frame at a time.

Syrian Martyrs & Human Rights


Syrian Network for Human Rights – dedicated to documenting crimes against humanity in Syria.

VDCCenter for Documentation of Violations in Syria – another database, more conservative figures. Still depressing.

Syrian Revolution DatabaseSyrian Shuhada (Martyrs) – database of the murdered in Syria. Depressingly accurate.

HRWHuman Rights Watch Syria Page – fantastic resource for ongoing reports on HR on the ground in Syria.

UNHCRUN Refugee Agency – latest data on the refugee catastrophe.


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