Why is Russia Directly Intervening in Syria?

Why is Russia escalating their militarily intervention in Syria? Here are some points to consider:

Russian soldiers in Syria

  1. The recent Russian political & military push is meant to reassert their prominence in Syria & secure Assad’s rump state
  2. While Iran has asserted it’s influence on the ground vis a vis thousands of loyal foreign fighters, this enables Russia to take initiative again – both in Syria & on the international scene
  3. Not to say that this is separate from Iranian efforts – this maybe part 1 of a new joint-strategy, a “war on terror”, agreed upon in an August meeting between Assad’s main sponsors in Moscow
  4. With that said, the Russian military deployment on the coast serves to solidify a state within a state, especially as regime control recedes elsewhere
  5. This deployment is likely the 1st stage of more direct confrontation against ISIS & more importantly Syrian rebels – expect overwhelming and sustained violence
  6. The parallel political push is in line with Russian actions from day 1. Strive for political dialogue, anoint faux-opposition, all the while creating facts on the ground to secure interests
  7. This is a strong message to the Assad’s withering base that the Russians won’t allow impending doom – a confidence booster of sorts – the message, hunker down & fight [we are with you]
  8. Additionally, Russian military escalation is a means to keep all the regime warlords coalescing as Assad’s control/reach from Damascus becomes ever more symbolic
  9. While the US feigns concern & is surprised by the actions, in a twisted way, this escalation aligns with the US policy to delegate direct action to other powers, ensure regime survival and push for a ‘diplomatic’ solution
  10. Of course, Russian, Iranian & regime outlets are now synchronized with the message “no political solution without defeating terrorism” – terrorists in their minds being anyone opposing regime
  11. Assad’s FM Muallem stated today that they “may” ask for Russian troops to join anti-terrorist activities – more indication of who pulls the strings of this regime
  12. There should be no more illusions about Assad’s power, or Syria’s sovereignty. Assad is evermore a puppet; his seat only secure because it serves Iranian & Russian needs. For now. Both powers will outlast him in Syria
  13. Putin is scheduled to speak before the UNGA next week and he will, no doubt, provide some insights about this new escalation Syria

Finally, Russian intervention has existed throughout the entire uprising extending the bloodshed and ensuring Assad survival. We should only expect it to increase as Russia goes on the offensive, resulting in an even bloodier period ahead.

Russian soldiers pose with Assad Putin

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