Idlib Liberated from the Regime!

Woke up to the thrilling news that the city of Idlib has been liberated from the regime.

Four years later, the second provincial capital has fallen from Assad’s grasp. So much pain, blood and so many lives lost to get to this point.

Idlib Liberated
It is also amazing to watch many hardened fighters weeping at the return to their neighborhoods…kissing the ground upon arriving into the city main square, freeing tortured detainees from the central prison, and working with Syrian Civil Defence teams to support and evacuate civilians from harms way…

I’m praying that the lessons of Raqqa are heeded, that the coalition of rebels (the good, bad & ugly) taking part in this campaign are just, respectful, inclusive and finally that the regime doesn’t pulverize the city with all its inhabitants in it as the bombardment from the skies has already begun…

Free Syria.

(Good visual recap can be foundhere:

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