Foreign Fighters in Syria

The term “foreign fighter”, has become synonymous with the influx of ISIS & Qaeda affiliated fighters, despite the Assad regime’s heavy reliance on foreign forces.

This narrow definition, pushed by the regime and amplified by lazy reporting, Islamophobic currents and political bias in Western media has led to an astoundingly inaccurate view on the subject.

This Washington Post info-graphic is a prime example of an almost exclusive focus on the flow of Pro-ISIS & AQ fighters.

Forget about the thousands of Iranian IRGC who have not only led, reorganized and trained Assad’s forces, but also orchestrated the influx of thousands more Lebanese Hezbollah fighters & Iraqi militias. Throw-in European fascists, Afghani mercenaries and even a couple of LA Gang members and you’ll find that more than half the foreign fighters in Syria have entered the country to defend the Assad regime.

It is this foreign intervention that has ensured the regime has survived this far – especially since both the regime and ISIS/AQ affiliated foreign fighters have focused most of their attention on suppressing the Syrian revolutionnot on fighting each other.

In the hopes of course correcting this flawed narrative, I’ve revised the WP info-graphic (see below) to account for the 21,000+ foreigners in Syria fighting to protect the Assad regime.

Changes the view on the matter doesn’t it?

Foreign fighters in Syria

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