Top 10 posts on sarabiany in 2014

I’ve spent less time over the past year putting pen to paper to articulate my perspective on my interconnected worlds.

Child in Yarmouk
Yarmouk. Courtesy of Lens young Dimashqi.

With that said, here are the top 10 visited posts over the past year – very telling that only 4 of the 10 were actually written in 2014.

10) Shun Assad’s Sham Elections (May 2014) – picking apart Assad’s faux-presidential elections

9) Chemical Massacres across the Damascus Suburbs (Aug 2013) – my take on why the regime launched CWs on its capital’s suburbs

8) Yarmouk Starves and We See Faux-Solidarity (Jan 2014) – confronting the “both sides” narrative perpetuated by Palestine solidarity groups in the US

7) Exposing #SaveKessab (Apr 2014) – cracking the Assad propaganda campaign which inherently played off-of Islamophobic currents in Syria & the West

6) The Misery of Atmeh Refugee Camp (Nov 2012) – on the terrible conditions facing internally displaced Syrians.

5) Assad Guided by Russian Lessons from Chechnya (Apr 2013) – how the regime’s strategy to suppress revolution is guided by Russia

4) A Funeral Massacre in Zamalka (Jun 2012) – one of the many examples of the brutality of the regime

3) Guide to Kurdish Political and Military Structures (Aug 2014) – To help make sense of all the different parties involved with the fight against ISIS

2) The Flag of our Forefathers (Apr 2013) – shattering regime’s propaganda and clarifying the history of Syria’s Flag of Independence

And the most viewed?

1) 21 Quotes from Malcom X (May 2013) – commemorating the wisdom of al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting – next year in Damascus!

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