Obama Authorizes Airstrikes in Iraq.

This is a desperate action taken due to a presidents failed ME policy which has enabled dictators and extremists to thrive resulting in the slaughter of thousands.

No doubt, ISIS is getting too close for comfort to USs closest allies and interests in the area (Kurds, oil fields etc) & these actions will deflect them towards Syria where the US won’t hit.

The plight of desperate minorities (Yazidis) is neat cover for this. One thing we can all be assured of is US policy in the area has absolutely nothing humanitarian about it.

This is not about stopping ISIS, rather drawing a new “red line”, containing ISIS and deflecting them from what the US holds dear.

Prayers tonight for ALL people suffering under ISIS, regardless of their religious sect or ethnic background.

Original version of this post from Aug 7th.

Some additional reading that elaborates further on the fiasco that is US policy in Iraq & Syria from the weekend:


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