Yarmouk Starves and We See Faux-Solidarity

While I appreciate that US based Palestinian solidarity groups are finally starting to wake up to the devastation of Yarmouk (months and years overdue), the neutralism & false narrative of “both sides” displayed in their messages/ action alerts is embarrassing. (3ayb)

Yarmouk Protest Against the Siege
A martyr funeral who perished from hunger in Al-Yarmouk besieged refuge. 1/11/14

Yarmouk, home to Palestinians & Syrians, along with numerous suburbs and areas around Damascus has been under siege by the Assad regime for almost a year as part of a “starvation until submission” campaign.

The “both sides” narrative being perpetuated is at best disconnected, at worst complicit in the crimes facing our people.

Solidarity with Yarmouk is not blaming the victims or ambiguous gunmen. Or even calling on “all parties to cease hostilities” while refusing to call-out the perpetrator of the siege on civilians. This is either ignorance, cowardice or regime apologism.

For details on solidarity efforts with Yarmouk, led by organizers on the ground, visit the Steadfast Yarmouk campaign from last fall.

Or even watch this mini-doc, MIG, by Thaer AlSalhi, a resident of Yarmouk to get a picture of life in the besieged area.

Also read a strong statement of solidarity & condemnation from AMP and updates on UNRWA’s failed attempt to deliver aid.

And while you contemplate what is occuring in Yarmouk, the regime just dropped “Barrel-bombs” on civilians.

Stop faux-solidarity. Support Yarmouk. #LiftTheSiege.

In solidarity with Yarmouk, Palestine, Daraa, Damascus, Reef Damascus, Hama, Homs, Halab, Raqqa, Idleb, Hasake, Latakia, Tartous, Deir Ezzor, Golan, and beyond.

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