Top 10 Posts on sarabiany in 2013

This has been a difficult year as we’ve watched world powers collude to suppress revolution in Syria while empowering a dictator. Much of what I’ve written tracks this reality, along with the utter devastation inflicted on Syria’s people.

Image: AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon
Image: AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon

Here are the top 10 viewed posts on in 2013 – most cover developments in Syria with one discussing #ArabAmerica with an Egyptian sensation and another covering inspiration from a leader who was taken too soon.

10) Rape in Syria (Apr) – retelling a story told to me by a FSA fighter on #RapeInSyria and its impact on the victims.

9) 21 Quotes from Malcom X (May) – commemorating al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz 88th birthday.

8) Losing Perspective on Syria (Sep) on false binaries and the implications of the US-Russia deal on Syria to save Assad.

7) Obama’s Red Lines in Syria – on “Arise America” (Apr) – discussing CW attacks and exposing Obama’s policy of “managing outcomes” in Syria.

6) On “America in Arabic” with Bassem Youssef (Feb) – on “America in Arabic” with Egyptian TV sensation Bassem Youssef

5) The Misery of Atmeh Refugee Camp (Nov 2012) – my piece from my trip to Turkey/ Syria on the terrible conditions facing internally displaced.

4) Chemical Massacres across the Damascus Suburbs (Aug) – my initial reaction and take on why the regime launched CWs on its capital’s suburbs.

3) Assad Guided by Russian Lessons from Chechnya. (Apr) – how the regime’s strategy to suppress revolution is guided by Russia.

2) The Flag of our Forefathers. (Apr) – shattering regime’s propaganda and clarifying the history of Syria’s Flag of Independence.

And the most viewed?

1) Illusions of a Solution in Syria (Sep) – calling out Obama’s bluff on “Limited Strikes” as a distraction to “manage outcomes” on Syria

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! Hopefully in 2014 we’ll be writing from a #FreeSyria.

Here are two additional, heavily viewed posts in 2013 that barely missed the Top 10 cut:

  • Qusair Falling. (Jun 2013) on overt foreign intervention – boots on the ground – and one of Assad’s last cards.

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