Chemical Massacres across the Damascus Suburbs

Today. August 21 2013. The regime attacks started at 3am across Damascus’s suburbs. Poison gas suffocated over 1,000 people as they slept. The videos, pictures show dozens of children being lined up by their grieving parents. Lifeless, with no visible injuries.


Watch or turn your head away. Just do not say you did not know.

Assad crimes. Implemented by a regime & their stooges. Enabled by Russia, Iran & their proxies. Emboldened by the inaction & politics of so-called “friends of Syria”.

Damascus Chemical Massacre

To those asking, “why do you think it is the regime” who launched the toxic attacks across Damascus’s suburbs overnight – Some ask “why” because they honestly don’t know. Some ask as they’ve done everything to cast doubt on this revolution from day 1. Trust me, we know the difference.

Here is a partial list of why’s:

  1. Who has a history of such massacres, indiscriminate attacks around the country? The regime.
  2. Who controls the neighborhoods that came under attack overnight? The revolution.
  3. The people who still live in these neighborhoods are supportive of revolution or regime? The revolution.
  4. Who has been solidifying gains/ momentum in these areas (reef Dimashq over the past months) – essentially splitting control of the capital? The revolution
  5. Who has the capability to launch such a coordinated, sustained attack with such ordinances across numerous suburbs, towns? The regime.
  6. Who has total control of movement of the UN inspectors in town & can ensure no access? The regime.
  7. Who has done this before and has been assured continuous support from political allies, essentially ensuring no ramifications will occur? The regime.
  8. Why is the regime blocking access to these areas, while activists, fighters, medical personal are begging for people to come in and relieve the population? Well…
  9. Who is continuing shelling w/ “conventional” weapons on these same neighborhoods and launching a major offensive as I write this? The regime.

And finally, why would the regime do this? Because they have learned over the past 29 months that they can.

A stain on humanity…

Damascus Chemical Massacre


7 thoughts on “Chemical Massacres across the Damascus Suburbs

  1. Russia should stop supporting the state there!Very cruel and barbaric chemical attack on innocent children and women ! American govt is also responsible for the occurrence there.


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