Arab-American Good, Bad & the Ugly

Interesting situations at todays #ArabBazaar2013 reflective of the Good, Bad & the Ugly in our Arab-American community.

The Good: Amazing turnout, beautiful people, energy & pride. Also, tons of local politicians vying for Arab-American votes paid respects.

Fruits of more than decade of hard, sustained labor to ensure Arab-American empowerment is the agenda, always.

The Bad: Shameful display by a few teenage minhibikjees. I don’t blame them, rather look at bad parenting.

Teenage Minhibikjees
The crowd was shocked at the pro-Assad stooges dancing debka.

They even had a poster with “Allah, Bashar wa Bes, reflective of the disease (cult of personality) that has inflicted some Arabs. While not representative by any means of the event, nor the community these few individuals where quite a sight – some onlookers took pictures, others just laughed or glared.

The Ugly: I was branded a naive terrorist by a Lebanese guy (holding his adorable 3 year old daughter) who said Syria’s Independence flag was a “foreign terrorist Jabhat Al-Nusra (JAN) flag”.

“That (pointing at the Syrian Independence flag hanging from the stage) is a terrorist flag” & killing only started due to the emergence of JAN, not Assad. “I’ve seen the videos of these murderers slitting throats!” he yelled.

Syrian Independence Flag
Organizers have hailed the Syrian Flag of Independence on the stage the past two years at the Bazaar.

I asked him, if he had ever seen JAN hold the 3-star flag? He said no. Then I asked him why he sounded like a shabeeh, and his only response was to repeat claim.

I wanted to ask him what he thought about thousands of Lebanese militiamen “protecting shrines” in Syria but he stormed off angry.

And there you have it. The Arab “Good, Bad & the Ugly” on a Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn.

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