Rape in Syria

When I visited the Olive Tree Camp last November, I met an FSA fighter who told me a brief story about rape in Syria.

He explained how a family was traveling in reef Hama and was stopped by Assad’s Shabeeh at a check point. As a “tax” to pass, they took the family’s daughter and savagely raped her in front of her helpless father, mother & teenage brother.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

The brother snapped after witnessing his sister violated…the family was allowed to pass the checkpoint leaving behind life as they knew it.

Days later he rammed a car filled w/ explosives into the checkpoint, killing the shabeeh…State media reported this as a ‘salafist terrorist suicide attack’.

Yet there was no ideology here, only a response from the broken & powerless.

Assad spins this as a world conspiracy. The outside world then speaks of moral equivalency between the rapists & victims. Armchair ‘activists’ & talking heads judge, blame the victim & cast doubt from their comfort zone, perpetuating the same narratives we see from Assad.

But there is no mention of rape.

No mention of the victims: trauma of a daughter, loss of a son, devastation of the parents.

This is #RapeInSyria

Read more about Syria’s Rape Crises.


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