Who killed Al-Bouti?

Amazing watching Assad apologists come out the wood works, blaming the FSA for a “suicide bomb” targeting Assad’s senior clergyman Al-Bouti today in an explosion at Iman Mosque (in Damascus) today.

They do this while being silent, or ambivalent about Assad’s shelling/ desecration of hundreds of Mosques over the past two years. Hypocrites.

The question must be asked “who did it”, how and why, rather than just assume the “extremist opposition suicide bomber” narrative pushed by the regime.

What do we know so far?

  • Al-Bouti, was killed along with dozens of others in an explosion in a Mosque
  • There are mixed reports about how it happened – the lone source of a suicide bomb being from Syrian (regime) TV
  • FSA have denied it & political opposition is publicly livid

That is it.

So who did it? The only people who know right now are dead, or not talking yet.

Why? He would be a target by anti-Assad folks for being a chief religious propagandist of the regime. There are also rumors starting to fly about him potentially defecting…it is not clear yet.

And how? Bomb, or suicide attack? Lone bomber sounds strange as he would have tremendous security, especially within his own mosque…

The questions in my mind: who has a history of destroying religious establishments? Bomb assassinations (in and out of Syria)? Of assassinations spanning decades? The burden of proof falls squarely on the regime.

Of course, time will tell…

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