Iraq 10 Years Later. We Knew All Along

Today, is the 10 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. An invasion justified through fabrications – “Operation Iraqi Freedom” born from deceit & perverse beyond imagination.

An invasion, driven by greed and validated by the ambition of countless media outlets, think tanks, politicians, contractors, ideologues and lobbyists.

10 years later we are watching retrospective and critical coverage of the invasion and what followed, highlighting the human and material losses.

But we knew what was happening all along.

Jean-Marc Bouju—AP
Iraqi prisoner with child. March 31. 2003. Jean-Marc Bouju—AP

More than a million Iraqis dead and disfigured.

Millions displaced. Hundreds of thousands of children orphaned.

Millions economically starved.

Countless sisters, mothers, daughters driven into prostitution.

Generations exposed to depleted uranium. The literal health of people compromised for generations.

Ten years of war, occupation, bloodletting, torture & executions.

A nation set back 50 years & stunted, deformed & mutilated for another 50.

We have witnessed the gang rape of a nation – a victim, rabidly passed around from one soulless abuser to another.

All for the greed of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell, Blair & numerous others. Their lies accepted and perpetuated by embedded media outlets.

Remember however, we knew what was happening all along – and we know who is responsible.

The only question now: When will those responsible for this epic tragedy be brought to justice?


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