Smothering the Syrian Revolution

The two year anniversary of the Syrian Revolution is less than two weeks away.

While the world talks about dialogue, the Assad regime has launched a bloody offensive to retake areas around Syria.

While the so-called “Friends of Syria” endlessly discuss old promises of nonlethal aid to the FSA, Iran, Russia endlessly arm & fund the Assad regime as Iraq & Hezbollah reinforce them from the west & east.

While international pledges & promises for aid to Syrian refugees are made but not met, now ~20% of Syrians are internally displaced or refugees.

We are watching the world coalesce to smother our revolution with the aim of securing their interests and submitting Syrians under the rule of a 40 year regime we are revolting against.

And yet, we see statues falling in Raqqa and elsewhere. One by one.

Assad Statue falls in Raqqa
So how to respond?

More awareness. More fundraising. More support to those struggling. More solidarity.

Less “politicking” with the so-called “friends” & for that matter none with enemies.


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