On “America in Arabic” with Bassem Youssef

“…we have this dichotomy, this split personality of sorts, where we become this new race – where we try and understand where we’re from – where our heritage comes from, and what we are becoming here today in America.”

I’m excited to be part of this wonderful series, “America in Arabic”, with Egyptian TV sensation Bassem Youssef who explores the “Arab-American experience”. Key questions such as “What does it mean to be an Arab-American? And where does your loyalty lie?” or even addressing the impact of 9/11 and where we are going as a community in America.

A must watch for those interested in real conversation about the realities of being an Arab in America – Click on the image below to see this episode (English/ Arabic language).

Sarab on "America in Arabic"
Sarab talking about the “Arab-American Experience” with Egyptian TV personality Bassem Youssef.

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