The #Hama #82Massacre Remembered. 31 Years Later

31 Year Commemoration
  1. This weekend we commemorate the 31st Anniversary of the #Hama #82Massacre. An event that for 30 yrs was only whispered about in ppls homes
  2. I missed the twitter campaign today for #Hama82 commemoration #82Massacre. So here I go on my own #syria
  3. #82Massacre was the single most deadliest act over past 60 yrs by any #Arab regime & it took place 31 years ago in the city of #Hama #Syria
  4. Ordered by Hafez #Assad &carried out by his brother Rifaat the ppl of #Hama were systematically massacred in response 2 uprising #82Massacre
  5. Rifaat later bragged more than 38,0000 Hamwis (out of 150k ppl at the time) were slaughtered-whole family lines were ‘erased’ #82Massacre
  6. The total #PT didnt account 4 1000s of Hawmis murdered leading up 2 the main massacre, nor 4 thousands imprisoned &missing after #82Massacre
  7. In the SHCR Report, an officer even bragged “the survivors are less than those we killed” #82Massacre
  8. “It is the largest slaughter of the modern age”, as stated by a Soviet diplomat (friend of #assad regime) #82Massacre #Hama
  9. 2day we grieve daily for 70k martyrs from all around #Syria. Imagine in ~ a month,40k ppl from 1 city murdered. #JustImagine #82Massacre
  10. Whole neighborhoods leveled by shelling/ jets.Men lined up & shot. Girls raped enmasse. This was #82Massacre not just past 2 yrs in #Syria
  11. After #82Massacre when families buried their martyrs the graves were blown up by the regime as a lesson that #Hama’s dead could not #RIP
  12. #82Massacre also enabled the #Assad regime to continue their stranglehold on #Syria – until of course the #Mar15 revolution
  13. The ‘incident’ as #82Massacre was called, 4ever changed #Syria|n psyche, creating a culture of fear&resentment & distrust of one another
  14. Some say #Syria’s revolution started in mid-Feb or #Mar15 2011. Yes, but seeds were sown in #82Massacre #CantEscapeDestiny
  15. I was in #Hama 1-2 years after #82Massacre & remember looking out onto vast stretches of rubble where whole communities once stood
  16. I was a child & could not comprehend what took place in previous yrs. But I did know I could not ask questions or speak about it #82Massacre
  17. Oddly, there was a pair of boots stacked on the rubble.My only memory of #82Massacre results is a sea of rubble &boots,never 2 b worn again
  18. No family in #Hama was spared. #RIP Ammo Omar & Khodr Shishakli & all those who, 30 years ago where taken from us 2 soon #82Massacre
  19. Even though most of us never knew u (#PT) your sacrifice will never be forgotten. #82Massacre
  20. Please take a moment to say a prayer for all those lost in #82Massacre & 4 those who will sacrifice themselves in struggle for a new #Syria
  21. “you cannot understand your present until you understand your past” #82Massacre #Hama #Syria #Mar15

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