Support Syrian Refugees, Inside Syria

We have all learned now that the UN is allocating $519 million through Assad regime institutions under the guise of humanitarian relief for internally displaced Syrians.

To understand the context behind this affront to the Syrian people, read this piece by Samir Shishakli (my father).

Bottom-line, until there are major advances on the ground that force the international community, and specifically the UN, to work outside the sphere of the Assad regime, millions of internally displaced Syrians will continue to rely on aid from activists, expatriates & smaller [Non-UN] NGOs to deliver much needed relief.

For example, watch the work of Syrian-American Yakzan Shishakly, at the Olive Tree Camp in Atmeh, in this 2 minute report by Clarissa War on CBS News.

Food lines in Olive Tree camp, Atmeh. Credit:
Food lines in Olive Tree camp, Atmeh. Credit:

When asked, despite no funding do they turn people away: “We cannot say no,” Yakzan said. “people come with the hope to stay here and we cannot turn them down and say no. So we’re open for everybody. They come with the hope and we are their hope.”

The camp is a microcosm of the humanitarian catastrophe inside the country. Assad’s collective punishment pushes masses of humanity to flee their homes and the only ones helping are severely underfunded. In the case of the Olive Tree camp, it costs ~$3-4,000 a day to manage the basic needs of 13,000+ people, however there is no consistent flow of funding.

This is precisely the type of effort that individuals around the world can support and make an impact with.

To make a donation to the camp, please visit the Maram Foundation.

Also, please share this 1-min appeal below across your social networks.

There are many worthy campaigns underway now to support the displaced across Syria and while the UN & world powers continue to empower Assad, it is up to the citizenry of the world to support them and make a difference.

Play your part – support Syrian Refugees.

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