Top 10 Posts on sarabiany in 2012

Here are the top 10 viewed posts on in 2012. Almost all focused on Syria and the ongoing revolution (يلعن روحك أبو حافظ)…one piece on the predictability of the US Presidential debates.

10) Syrian Martyrs: Popular Uprising & Collective Punishment (Jul) on the distribution of martyrs across the country.

9) The Diplomatic Delusion in Syria. (Jul) on the distractions of the International community & “diplomacy”.

8) Pandering to a Cynical Public – Binders full of Foreign Policy! (Oct) on the predictability of the US Presidential debates.

7) Cracking the ‘Crises Cell’ in Damascus. (Jul) on the assassinations that rocked Assad’s world.

6) A Funeral Massacre in Zamalka. (Jun) – there have been too many massacres to count. Here is one captured on YouTube. Allah Yirham a-shuhuda

5) Assad Narratives and the Popular Uprising in Syria. (Jun) on the lies and propaganda perpetuated by the regime.

4) On “Inside Syria” – The human cost (Aljazeera). (Dec) discussing the terrible refugee tragedy upon returning from Syria.

3) 72 Hours with Father Paolo of Syria. (Aug) – an interview on sectarianism, clergy and the revolution.

2) The Misery of Atmeh Refugee Camp. (Nov) on the desperate conditions of the “Olive Tree” camp in Atmeh.

And the most viewed?

1) Eighteen Months Later. Understand the Formula to a Solution in Syria. (Sep) on the only way forward in Syria.

Thank you for reading, commenting, posting, tweeting and sharing! Inshallah, in 2013 we will be writing about a Free Syria.

Ps. – here are two more posts popular worth mentioning:

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