On “Inside Syria” – The human cost (Aljazeera)

Was invited to join “Inside Syria” yesterday with presenter James Bays, along with co-panelists Melissa Fleming, chief spokesperson for the UN’s refugee agency – UNHCR and Ruba Khoury, Lebanon country director for Save The Children to discuss the worsening situation facing Syrian refugees with the approaching winter.

Here is the full episode video. I am featured at the following marks (5 min, 5:42, 10:30, 17:50) and my focus was to raise awareness on the plight of internally displaced refugees in places like Atmeh and urge the international community to support those on the inside in need.

Here is a link to the full story on Aljazeera English: “Quite frankly the situation is terrible. People in Idlib [Province] are living under the constant fear of bombardment and artillery shelling from the regime yet they have no homes, living in tent cities with minimal help from the outside world, living in terrible conditions.”

Sarab on "Inside Syria"

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