NYC Walk for Syria – A Message from Atmeh

On November 17 2012, activists in over two dozen cities took part in the International “Walk for the Children of Syria“.

Having recently returned from my trip to the Atmeh Refugee camp a few days earlier I had the privilege to share with the NYC crowd a few words on how we can support our people in need.

On a lighter note, as I walked away from the rally I saw none other than Assad’s representative to the UN, Bashar Jaafari and his son (I presume) watching from afar. Once he realized I saw him, he had this look on his face: “Uh oh! I have to get out of here!”.

As he scurried away across the street, I yelled “Ya Khayin! 3m tiktol Sh3bak!” (You Traitor! You are murdering your own people!). His son turned around and screamed back “Kol Khara!” (Eat Sh*t!) and they disappeared into the NY traffic…

Free Syria.

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