Never Forget 9/11

Never Forget 9/11.

Never forget the ~3,000 murdered on this day 11 years ago. Always remember, that this number included countless forgotten Muslims who worked at the WTC…

Never forget the inspiring NYers who responded with heroism, courage and selflessness. I’ll always remember however, the responder who told me he couldn’t wait to find an “Arab” so he could kill one…I always wonder if he found one…

Never forget the kindness of strangers who asked me if I was ok, and if “anyone was bothering me”. Always remember, of course, the fear and humiliation that followed of ‘random’ selections, disappearances and special registration programs…

Never forget that our history in this country didn’t start on 9/11. Always remember, despite efforts to erase our narrative, “Little Syria”, and Washington Street existed a hundred years before the WTC was built…

Never forget the pain and shock we all felt that day. Always remember, the utter tragedy of the million murdered, yes, a million murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan in “reaction” to that day…

RIP to all those lost on 9/11, those slaughtered afterwards under the cover of patriotism, the ‘war on terror’, greed and invisible WMDs.

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