500 Days Into the Revolution

500 days into the Syrian Revolution:

There were 795 demonstrations on the Friday of the “rising of the 2 capitals Damascus & Aleppo” (http://www.lccsyria.org/9607).
500 Days into the Syrian Revolution 2 weeks of helicopters, shabeeh and artillery, the regime can barely control the capital, Damascus.

Major areas of Aleppo however are not in the hands of the regime.

The regime has recalled their officials, and security from much of Aleppo and is using fixed-wings jets, helicopters & tanks to bombard neighborhoods in the city – prepping for the incursion of the regime army & militias.

Pray for the people of Aleppo tonight.

The regime (red) flag was paraded at the Olympics, while the independence (green) flag was raised by Syrians from Idleb, to Hassake, to Deraa, to Homs, to Hama, to Deir Ezzor, to Lattakia and of course across Aleppo, Damascus and Rif Dimashq.

The International community is still either impotent or complicit in the crimes of the Assad regime, and continues to try and catchup to the revolution in a desperate attempt to secure/ maintain their interests.

The International powers even think they’ve found “their man”, a regime criminal, for the day after…they will quickly realize their folly.

But despite all this, Syrians are heroically publicly defiant.

What these 795 demonstrations show the Assad regime, and world, is that the people will not stop until the regime, their representatives, and symbols all fall.

500 days into revolution the people of Syria are still in a struggle for their independence…

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