Assad “Crises Cell” Assassinations on the Takeaway

On the Takeaway this morning with Celeste Headlee to discuss the assassinations of close members of Assad’s inner circle – the “Crises Cell” and the implications moving forward.

Key points of the discussion:

  • Important to clarify that this is not a “suicide bombing” as claimed by Assad regime who aim to frame this as a battle against Al-Qaeda & terrorists rather than a popular uprising
  • The strategy of assassination is an effective approach for militarized resistance against Assad as it creates fear, and chaos among those who are most loyal to Assad and strike significant blows at the heart of the regime
  • The confirmation that Assef Shawkat, brother-in-law of Bashar, Daoud Rajhah (Defense Minister) are dead by the regime is a major blow to regime morale
  • The Syrians, are driving the outcome of this revolution, regardless of isolation and inaction from the International community
  • Despite lacking the arms, the battle is being dictated by the FSA and the regime is on the defensive

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