A Wake-up Call from World Powers on Syria. Again

My initial reaction to talks in Geneva today and the announcement that world powers agree to a ‘Unity Government’ approach?

It is expected.

World powers have been pushing for an outcome that solidifies & strengthens their interests in Syria – namely maintaining the strategic status quo that the revolution threatens to disrupt.

Again, it is clear that the ‪Syria‬n people themselves will deliver freedom to their nation – it won’t come from world powers.

I hope expat ‪Syria‬n groups expecting otherwise will finally realize the flaw in their approach & adjust accordingly.

Groups should still push for material support, humanitarian aid, political pressure but know world powers in ‪Geneva‬ right now are negotiating ‪Syria‬’s future without ‪the involvement of Syrians‬ – we’ve seen this before, haven’t we?

Bottom-line, Syrian freedom will come from ‪Syrians‬ only. The diplomatic game will only drag out the inevitable – we should focus more attention & energy on supporting the civil resistance, ‪FSA‬ which will lead to collapse of the ‪Assad‬ regime.


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