A Funeral Massacre in Zamalka

On one of the bloodiest days, in one of the most brutal weeks since the revolution began, the world witnessed today an attack on the funeral procession of the martyr Abdul Hadi Al-Halabi in Zamalka (neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus). See video below.

The bloody aftermath shows the shock and devastation of the attack. Note this is extremely graphic.

The Assad regime has targeted funerals since the first days of the uprising, however as the regime loses more and more control around Syria, (and in this case around the capital Damascus) we are witnessing an intensified onslaught on a population that will no longer be subjugated.

The #ZamalkaMassacre follows days of slaughter in Reef Dimashq (Damascus outskirts) specifically in Douma.

Allah yirham a-shuhuda. May God protect and give strength to the courageous resistance…everyday we get that much closer to the end of this regime…

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