The Child Martyr, Sarah Barazi

Yesterday, a 16 year old relative who I never had the honor to meet, Sarah Barazi was shot dead in Hama by an Assad regime sniper.

The Martyr Sarah Barazi
Murdered by an Assad Sniper on 6/16/12
We found out by randomly seeing this video posted by an activist in Hama on twitter…
To the highest of heavens, may you rest in peace. May God give her family, and families of all the martyrs strength and patience during these painful times. Bakiyat bi hayatkon.
Here is a prayer in Sarah’s memory. Allah yirhama wa yirham shuhada Sooria.
The Martyr Sarah Barazi
الشهيدة سارة كنعان البرازي ….
نسأل الله الصبر لأهلها على فقدانها…
رصاصة الغدر كانت هدية نجاحها

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