A Coup in Egypt?

Always said to my friends that despite progress on some fronts, the Egyptian revolution has a long way to go as the core power brokers/ institutions of power where not threatened (nor removed) last year, after those 18 days.

This is in stark contrast to Syria, where the Assad regime realized this was an all or nothing game from day 1 – hence the immediate slaughter & onslaught unleashed by the regime compared to the “change-management process” we’ve seen in Egypt over the past year.

Many are suggesting a military coup has occurred in Egypt as a SCAF-loyal court dissolved the parliament claiming the elected body is unconstitutional, despite the obvious point that there is no real constitution, just constitutional amendments SCAF in place…it strikes me that SCAF has been in control all along, so rather than a military coup, what occurred in Egypt is a step to further consolidate power by those already in power…

Regardless, the struggles continue – Back to Tahrir, Tahia Masr!


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