Madness in Al-Houla. A Massacre of Children

Al-Howla Massacre
Al-Howla Massacre

A major massacre perpetrated by the Assad regime occurred yesterday on the people of Al-Houla in the Homs Province. More than 100 civilians killed, more than half children.

This video, shows the carnage. Warning, this is not for the faint of heart. I do not usually post graphic videos however you must understand what is happening occurs to REAL people

For those who still continue to make excuses for the regime – who continue to hide behind assertions of “foreign conspiracy”, “western influence”, or “armed terrorists”, or even that nothing is happening – Shame on you, your silence KILLS.

And for those, who still have doubts, this is why we will never give up, why the revolution must & will succeed – there is only one way forward…

Allah yirham a-shuhuda (RIP to the martyrs).


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