Denying Reality in Syria

In response to my post in an Arab FB group about the upcoming ‘Songs for Syria’ fundraiser hosted by NAAP-NY, I received this lovely note:

  • “Fuck u moron, Syrians are not in need of yr donation, what a stupid way of begging, just stop killing people u bastards”

While this note is disgusting in many ways, it is representative of a bigger issue – the denial of people’s painful experiences and realities to selfishly maintain comfortable status quos.

These ‘deniers’ need to wake up, start listening to peoples stories, rather than perpetuate a dictatorship’s narrative and understand that what is happening in Syria is a shared, human catastrophe that we all need to support, regardless of background, or political ideology!

A Humanitarian Fundraiser
An evening of Arabic and World Music from renowned musicians in solidarity with the Syrian people during their time of need.

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