Jandali vs ADC: Who holds responsibility?

So this past Thursday the ADC finally decided to apologize for their behavior last June towards Malek Jandali. (see apology here)

Of course, it took a lawsuit. Here is the statement from Malek’s attorneys:

“The terms of the settlement require the ADC to issue an apology, pay the costs of all of Jandali’s legal fees, and make a charitable contribution to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.”

As a reminder, the responsibility for this fiasco lies on the ADC Chairman of the Board, (pro-Assad regime) Safa Rifka, whose presence and influence continues to cause damage to the credibility and legitimacy of the ADC.

While some ADC employees & volunteers have worked hard to overcome this damage (TPS effort for Syrian nationals in the US for example), 10,000 martyrs later the org still hasn’t put out a statement, organized an event or action condemning the Assad regime and the slaughter in Syria…

As so many in our community called for back in June, Yalla Irhal ya Safa.


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