Distractions of a meaningless constitution

The referendum on the Syrian constitution last Saturday is a meaningless effort and a ploy by the Assad regime to distract from the ongoing regime offensive to quell the uprising.

The Syrian constitution is worth less than the paper it is printed on. The problem in Syria has always been that the regime doesn’t follow their own laws – they are the law onto their own and the country is not ruled by constitutional means!

How can they even talk about a referendum, and reform when they are shelling Syrian cities at this moment!

Here is something written back in June to give more context – while some specifics are different 11 months into the revolution, it is helpful to frame the conversation.

“The solution for Syria will not be in a new constitution or legislation. It has to do away with the dominant security mentality that reigns in the country for the forty-eight years of the obscurantist Baathi rule. And the Assad regime, with its hands deep in blood, is not the one to do it. It is simply not capable of that. The equation today is such that the Syrian people can not and will not continue to be governed that way. And the Assads can not continue to govern that way and they will not be allowed to. This is why real change will come about from the current revolutionary situation. Only then the new true Constitution and implementable laws could emerge.” – Samir Shishakli



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