Background on Syria on Radio Against Apartheid

Last Wednesday February 29th, I had the opportunity to join “Radio Against Apartheid” host Matt Graber to provide context and background to the Syrian Revolution:

  • How the revolution began
  • the regime response
  • parallels of the current revolution to uprisings of the past
  • how the revolution is being covered in the press
  • outside influence
  • Assad’s myth of resistance
  • how people in the US can support the revolution.

Radio Against Apartheid is West Philadelphia’s Community Radio WPEB 88.1 They bring artists, activists, and academics on the air to share their insight into the Middle East, and discuss the major influence of art and music on enacting social change, especially as a new intifada sweeps through the Middle East as an Arab Spring.

One thought on “Background on Syria on Radio Against Apartheid

  1. isn’t it the same class struggle, broadly speaking? Isn’t it still linked to Religion, oppression, racism, investment banks wanting to make money at the expense of the masses, oil, land grabbing? Just begs the question, why Gaddaffi’s Libya and not Saudi Arabia, nor. Why Egypt and not Jordan?


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