The Syrian Revolution on The Takeway

Was on “The Takeaway” radio show (in-studio, WNYC-AM (820)) Thursday morning (February 9th, 6am) for an hour talking about Syria with hosts John Hockenberry, Celeste Headlee – they asked me to provide some color commentary support throughout the whole hour – 1,000,000 listeners!

They had many guests: reporters (i.e. David Sanger, Ilhan Tarir, Paul Wood), to professors (Prof Daniel Chirot, Prof. Nikolas Gvosdev), activists from the ground in Homs (Omar), a pro-regime individual, Ayman Haidar from Flint, Michigan and even the infamous-fabricated ‘wannabe’ opposition member Farid Ghadry (i didn’t know he would be on it -and when i voiced my objection I was asked not to debate him – i did slip in that the Syrian people would not accept a fabricated external opposition :).

The best parts are at 2 min, 6 min, 18 min, 20 min, 32 min, 35 min. Thanks to Naser & Lena for referring me.

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